Norfolk Southern permeates its own hometown, Norfolk, Virginia, with coal dust.


Letter to the Editor (unedited)

In response to

"Norfolk Southern CEO and Chairman got 40 percent

pay boost to $13.5 million"

Virginian-Pilot, March 28, 2015


I see Norfolk Southern’s CEO got a pay raise. He’s up to a whopping $13.5 million a year now! This gave me a brilliant idea:

$10 million is the estimated cost to build a dust containment structure around Norfolk Southern’s rotary railcar dumpers. This would stop all that airborne coal dust from the dumpers from drifting into the nearby neighborhoods. Now if Mr. Wick Moorman would be willing to forgo his huge compensation for just one year, this would be more than enough to cover the expense of enclosing those dumpers.

In appreciation for Mr. Moorman’s sacrifice and for being spared all that coal dust that constantly has to be washed and scrubbed off of things — not to mention breathed — all the citizens of Lamberts Point and West Ghent and maybe even Edgewater and Larchmont and Ghent too, could join in to invite Mr. Moorman into their homes for free room and board for the year. Heck, for the promise of no more coal dust, they might even agree let him have control of the TV remote while he’s in their house. Alas, the accommodations probably wouldn't be quite as ritzy as what Mr. Moorman is normally used to, but then the knowledge that his company was no longer polluting his fellow citizen's neighborhoods would surely be more than ample compensation for any inconvenience he would endure?

However, if Mr. Moorman understandably preferred not to have to do all that moving around from house to house all year, since his annual compensation comes to about $3.5 million more than what’s needed to pay for the dust containment facility, he could keep that extra $3.5 million of his income and scrape by on his own. After all, it is only for one year — way less than the 50+ years the coal dust has been billowing from those dumpers.

Ray Gregory


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